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डेटा पत्रक - 32-Bit MCU - Renesas

भाग संख्या R5F51135ADLJ
समारोह 32-Bit MCU
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Renesas 
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R5F51135ADLJ pdf
1. Descriptions of circuits, software and other related information in this document are provided only to illustrate the operation of
semiconductor products and application examples. You are fully responsible for the incorporation of these circuits, software,
and information in the design of your equipment. Renesas Electronics assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by you
or third parties arising from the use of these circuits, software, or information.
2. Renesas Electronics has used reasonable care in preparing the information included in this document, but Renesas Electronics
does not warrant that such information is error free. Renesas Electronics assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages
incurred by you resulting from errors in or omissions from the information included herein.
3. Renesas Electronics does not assume any liability for infringement of patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights of
third parties by or arising from the use of Renesas Electronics products or technical information described in this document. No
license, express, implied or otherwise, is granted hereby under any patents, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of
Renesas Electronics or others.
4. You should not alter, modify, copy, or otherwise misappropriate any Renesas Electronics product, whether in whole or in part.
Renesas Electronics assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by you or third parties arising from such alteration,
modification, copy or otherwise misappropriation of Renesas Electronics product.
5. Renesas Electronics products are classified according to the following two quality grades: “Standard” and “High Quality”. The
recommended applications for each Renesas Electronics product depends on the product’s quality grade, as indicated below.
“Standard”: Computers; office equipment; communications equipment; test and measurement equipment; audio and visual
equipment; home electronic appliances; machine tools; personal electronic equipment; and industrial robots etc.
“High Quality”: Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships, etc.); traffic control systems; anti-disaster systems; anti-
crime systems; and safety equipment etc.
Renesas Electronics products are neither intended nor authorized for use in products or systems that may pose a direct threat to
human life or bodily injury (artificial life support devices or systems, surgical implantations etc.), or may cause serious property
damages (nuclear reactor control systems, military equipment etc.). You must check the quality grade of each Renesas
Electronics product before using it in a particular application. You may not use any Renesas Electronics product for any
application for which it is not intended. Renesas Electronics shall not be in any way liable for any damages or losses incurred
by you or third parties arising from the use of any Renesas Electronics product for which the product is not intended by Renesas
6. You should use the Renesas Electronics products described in this document within the range specified by Renesas Electronics,
especially with respect to the maximum rating, operating supply voltage range, movement power voltage range, heat radiation
characteristics, installation and other product characteristics. Renesas Electronics shall have no liability for malfunctions or
damages arising out of the use of Renesas Electronics products beyond such specified ranges.
7. Although Renesas Electronics endeavors to improve the quality and reliability of its products, semiconductor products have
specific characteristics such as the occurrence of failure at a certain rate and malfunctions under certain use conditions. Further,
Renesas Electronics products are not subject to radiation resistance design. Please be sure to implement safety measures to
guard them against the possibility of physical injury, and injury or damage caused by fire in the event of the failure of a Renesas
Electronics product, such as safety design for hardware and software including but not limited to redundancy, fire control and
malfunction prevention, appropriate treatment for aging degradation or any other appropriate measures. Because the evaluation
of microcomputer software alone is very difficult, please evaluate the safety of the final products or systems manufactured by
8. Please contact a Renesas Electronics sales office for details as to environmental matters such as the environmental compatibility
of each Renesas Electronics product. Please use Renesas Electronics products in compliance with all applicable laws and
regulations that regulate the inclusion or use of controlled substances, including without limitation, the EU RoHS Directive.
Renesas Electronics assumes no liability for damages or losses occurring as a result of your noncompliance with applicable laws
and regulations.
9. Renesas Electronics products and technology may not be used for or incorporated into any products or systems whose
manufacture, use, or sale is prohibited under any applicable domestic or foreign laws or regulations. You should not use
Renesas Electronics products or technology described in this document for any purpose relating to military applications or use
by the military, including but not limited to the development of weapons of mass destruction. When exporting the Renesas
Electronics products or technology described in this document, you should comply with the applicable export control laws and
regulations and follow the procedures required by such laws and regulations.
10. It is the responsibility of the buyer or distributor of Renesas Electronics products, who distributes, disposes of, or otherwise
places the product with a third party, to notify such third party in advance of the contents and conditions set forth in this
document, Renesas Electronics assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by you or third parties as a result of
unauthorized use of Renesas Electronics products.
11. This document may not be reproduced or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of Renesas
12. Please contact a Renesas Electronics sales office if you have any questions regarding the information contained in this document
or Renesas Electronics products, or if you have any other inquiries.
(Note 1) “Renesas Electronics” as used in this document means Renesas Electronics Corporation and also includes its majority-
owned subsidiaries.
(Note 2) “Renesas Electronics product(s)” means any product developed or manufactured by or for Renesas Electronics.

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