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डेटा पत्रक - Bluetooth adapter Owner Manual - Pioneer

भाग संख्या CD-BTB200
समारोह Bluetooth adapter Owner Manual
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Pioneer 
लोगो Pioneer लोगो 
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CD-BTB200 pdf
Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.
Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate
your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man-
ual in a safe place for future reference.
Before You Start
Information to User 4
For Canadian model 4
About this unit 5
After-sales service for Pioneer products
Visit our website 5
About this manual 6
About Bluetooth 6
Resetting this unit 6
Resetting this unit without erasing the
data about phone 6
Resetting this unit with clearing all
memory 7
Bluetooth Telephone
Hands-free phoning with cellular phones
featuring Bluetooth wireless
technology 8
About the telephone source 9
Standby mode 9
Setting up for hands-free phoning 9
Basic operation of hands-free phoning 10
Making a phone call 10
Taking a phone call 10
Introduction of advanced hands-free phoning
operation 11
Connecting a cellular phone 12
Searching for available cellular
phones 12
Using a cellular phone to initiate a
connection 12
Disconnecting a cellular phone 13
Registering connected cellular phone 13
Deleting a registered phone 13
Connecting to a registered cellular
phone 14
Connecting to a registered phone
manually 14
2 En
Connecting to a registered phone
automatically 14
Using the Phone Book 14
Transferring entries to the Phone
Book 15
Changing the Phone Book display
order 15
Calling a number in the Phone
Book 15
Searching a number in the Phone
Book 16
Editing the name of a Phone Book
entry 16
Editing phone numbers 17
Clearing a Phone Book entry 17
Clearing memory 17
Using the Call History 18
Displaying the Call History 18
Calling a number from the Call
History 18
Using preset numbers 18
Assigning preset numbers 18
Recalling preset numbers 19
Making a call by entering phone number
Echo canceling and noise reduction 19
Switching the ring tone 19
Setting the automatic rejecting 20
Setting the automatic answering 20
Displaying BD (Bluetooth Device)
address 20
Bluetooth Audio
Listening to songs on BT Audio (Bluetooth
audio player) 21
Connecting a Bluetooth audio player 22
Playing songs on Bluetooth audio player 22
Disconnecting a Bluetooth audio player 23
Displaying BD (Bluetooth Device)
address 23

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