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KD-202A-3 pdf
.Brief introduction
Scope of application: The product is elaborately designed for the
auxiliary lighting of local examination and operation which are occasions
of frequent mobility. It is used in dental department, operating rooms,
doctor consultation and wild healing.
Characteristic: Adopt high power LED for lighting, long life of about
50000 hours. KD-202 A-3 has the fuction of AC and DC amphibious. It
can work at the same time with charging.
Product component: lamp holder, hood, power box, power line
II. Performance Summary:
This product uses wide voltage power supply system, high power
LED lighting. Lamp holder is composed of optical lens and grating.
Uniform distribution of light, clear and flare adjustable. The joint design
of lamp holder and hood can realize the effective regulation of up and
down angle. AC and DC can all supply power. This product is equipped
with a magnifying glass joint, can be used together with a magnifying
The design and production of this light source strictly executes the
first part of the safety requirements of medical electrical equipment
GB4793.1-2007: general requirements which is guaranteed in safety.
III Main technical parameters:
Color temperature: 6000k±500k
Lamp Power: 3W
Input power: 5W
Charge Time: 5H
Power supply time: 4H
Input voltage: 100V-245V 50HZ-60HZ
IV Requirements of working environment
A. Environmental temperature: -10℃~+40
B. Relative humidity : 75%
C. The atmosphere: 86.0 kPa106.0kPa
V Product list
Head light: one
Power box of A-3: one
Power line: one
VI Product interface
A-3 Power box
1.Lamp holder 2. Flare-adjusting ring
3. Lock switch
4.Head band 5.Tightness-adjusting knob
7.Power box 8. Working indicator light (green)
10. Charging indicator light (red)
Assembly, debugging, operation
6.Card slot
9. Power switch
Open the packing box, check whether there are missing parts or
damage phenomenon of the products according to the product list. If
there is any problem, pls contact with the dealer or manufacturer in time
to get solved properly.
Insert the power plug into the output port of the power supply box, turn
on the power switch (8), the lamp lights up.
Debugging and operation
1. Wear the head lamp on head, adjust the tightness-adjusting knob(5)
on the top and the back. It is advisable if the lamp is stable and you feel
comfortable when looking up, down and sway your head.
2. Flare-adjusting ring (2) can help you to get the right spot size.
3. Loosen the lock switch (3) to adjust the angle and the height of lamp

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