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भाग संख्या OXE800DSE
समारोह Network Attached Storage Device
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Oxford Semiconductor 
लोगो Oxford Semiconductor लोगो 
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OXE800DSE Network Attached Storage Device
Oxford Semiconductor, Inc.
The OXE800DSE delivers a powerful network storage product combined
with software that prioritizes ease of use. These primary characteristics
make it ideal for customers without specialized IT knowledge and
especially useful in the small office or the home, where the RAID and
encryption facilities of the OXE800DSE are particularly suitable for
storing critical data such as sensitive information and digital photos.
The OXE800DSE combines a wealth of potential with low cost of
ownership. It delivers a high level of integration and its minimal
requirements for external components render it particularly suitable for
the following application areas:
„ Networked consumer PC cluster
„ Small office/home office
„ Consumer media storage or server device
The Oxford Semiconductor OXE800DSE is a network-attached storage
(NAS) device with advanced encryption capabilities which allow it to
store data securely. It offers diverse connectivity including 10/100
Ethernet plus CIFS over TCP/IP, and EXT3 with optional RAID
This adaptable and highly-configurable device also supports connections
to 802.11 and other standard wireless chips via mini PCI. It provides two
integrated SATA cores (expandable via a PCI bus), a USB high-speed
port and two USB full-speed host ports with print server function, and
additional expansion capability via USB HDDs. The RAID controller
provides a high-level control interface with a common data path from
the enhanced DMA engine to either or both SATA blocks. It supports
RAID1, disk spanning or two independent disk configurations, and also
a port multiplier for expanded configurations on either port.
An integrated ARM926EJ-S processor, featuring an MMU and 32-Kbyte
caches, runs Linux OS with a full network stack. For off-chip control, the
integrated fan/tachometer/pulse width modulator provides counter
functionality and a thermistor circuit. Used in conjunction, these
facilities can optionally trigger and modulate a fan or initiate protective
measures. Alternatively, the core can be used to provide low-resolution
analogue output controls for any other function.
External—Free Release
DS-0025 Oct 07

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