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डेटा पत्रक - Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution - National Semiconductor

भाग संख्या G1-266B-85-1.8
समारोह Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स National Semiconductor 
लोगो National Semiconductor लोगो 
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While the x86 core provides maximum compatibility with
the vast amount of Internet content available, the intelligent
integration of several other functions, such as audio and
graphics, offers a true system-level multimedia solution.
The Geode GX1 processor core is a proven x86 design
that offers competitive performance. It contains integer and
floating point execution units based on sixth-generation
technology. The integer core contains a single, five-stage
execution pipeline and offers advanced features such as
operand forwarding, branch target buffers, and extensive
write buffering. Accesses to the 16 KB write-back L1 cache
are dynamically reordered to eliminate pipeline stalls when
fetching operands.
In addition to the advanced CPU features, the GX1 proces-
sor integrates a host of functions typically implemented
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components. A
a VGA (video
full function graphics acceler-
graphics array) controller, bit-
BLT engine, and a ROP (raster operations) unit for
complete GUI (Graphical User Interface) acceleration
under most operating systems. A display controller con-
tains additional video buffering to enable >30 fps MPEG1
playback and video overlay when used with a National
Semiconductor Geode I/O or graphics companion chip
(e.g., CS5530 or CS9211). Graphics and system memory
accesses are supported by a tightly coupled SDRAM con-
troller which eliminates the need for an external L2 cache.
A PCI host controller supports up to three bus masters for
additional connectivity and multimedia capabilities.
The GX1 processor also incorporates Virtual System
Architecture® (VSA™) technology. VSA technology
enables the XpressGRAPHICS and XpressAUDIO sub-
systems. Software handlers are available that provide full
compatibility for industry standard VGA and 16-bit audio
functions that are transparent at the operating system level.
Together the National Semiconductor I/O companion and
GX1 processor Geode devices provide a scalable, flexible,
low-power, system-level solution well suited for a wide
array of information appliances ranging from hand-held
personal information access devices to digital set-top
boxes and thin clients.
General Features
— 352-Terminal Ball Grid Array (BGA) or
— 320-Pin Staggered Pin Grid Array (SPGA)
 0.18-micron four layer metal CMOS process
 Split rail design:
— Available 1.6V, 1.8V, or 2.0V core
— 3.3V I/O interface
 Fully static design
 Low Typical Power Consumption:
— 0.8W @ 1.6V/200 MHz
— 1.2W @ 2.0V/300 MHz
Typical power consumption is defined as an aver-
age, measured running Windows at 80% Active
Idle (Suspend-on-Halt) with a display resolution of
800x600x8 bpp @ 75 Hz.
 Speeds offered up to 300 MHz
 Unified Memory Architecture
— Frame buffer and video memory reside in main
— Minimizes PCB (Printed Circuit Board) area require-
— Reduces system cost
 Compatible with multiple Geode I/O companion devices
provided by National Semiconductor
32-Bit x86 Processor
 Supports Intel’s MMX instruction set extension for the
acceleration of multimedia applications
 16 KB unified L1 cache
 Six-stage pipelined integer unit
 Integrated Floating Point Unit (FPU)
 Memory Management Unit (MMU) adheres to standard
paging mechanisms and optimizes code fetch perfor-
— Load-store reordering gives priority to memory reads
— Memory-read bypassing eliminates unnecessary or
redundant memory reads
 Re-entrant System Management Mode (SMM)
enhanced for VSA technology
Revision 1.0

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