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डेटा पत्रक - TFT-LCD Module - Sharp

भाग संख्या LQ201U1LW28
समारोह TFT-LCD Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Sharp 
लोगो Sharp लोगो 
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LQ201U1LW28 pdf
Global LCD Panel Exchange Center
The device listed in these specification sheets was designed and manufactured for use in OA equipment.
In case of using the device for applications such as control and safety equipment for transportation(aircraft, trains,
automobiles, etc. ), rescue and security equipment and various safety related equipment which require higher
reliability and safety, take into consideration that appropriate measures such as fail-safe functions and redundant
system design should be taken.
In case of using the device for equipment that requires an extreme level of reliability, such as aerospace
applications, telecommunication equipment(trunk lines), nuclear power control equipment and medical or other
equipment for life support, contact and consult with a SHARP sales representative.
SHARP assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the device which does not comply
with the instructions and the precautions specified in these specification sheets.
Contact and consult with a SHARP sales representative for any questions about this device.
2. Overview
This module is a color active matrix LCD module incorporating amorphous silicon TFT (Thin Film Transistor).
It is composed of a color TFT-LCD panel, driver ICs, control circuit, power supply circuit and a back light unit.
Graphics and texts can be displayed on a 1600 3 1200 dots panel with about 16 million colors by supplying 48
bit data signals(8bit 2pixel RGB) , two display enable signals, two dot clock signals, +12V DC supply voltages
for TFT-LCD panel driving and supply voltage for back light.
It is a wide viewing-angle-module (Vertical viewing angle:176 Horizontal viewing angle:176 ,CR 10).
This module performance achieve 20ms response time (full; black to white, or white to black) done by improving
Liquid crystal material.
One step solution for LCD / PDP / OLED panel application: Datasheet, inventory and accessory!

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