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डेटा पत्रक - Programmable Display Technical Manual - NAiS

भाग संख्या GT10
समारोह Programmable Display Technical Manual
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स NAiS 
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GT10 pdf
Before installing, operating, servicing or inspecting this product, please make sure
you have read this manual and the explanations of how procedures are carried out,
and make sure the product is used correctly.
This manual uses two safety standard levels: “WARNING” and “CAUTION”.
Erroneous handling of an item marked with this label can cause fatal or critical
injury to the user.
w If this product is used in applications where accidents involving bodily
injury and/or significant damage may be conceivable, measures should
be taken to ensure adequate safety, such as the use of duplicate safety
w The functions of the GT main unit should not be used to design systems
which may pose a threat to human life or which may cause severe injury
or damage. Designs should include safety mechanisms for use in the
event that switch functions do not function correctly.
w Do not use this product in an environment where combustible gases are
present. This can cause explosion.
w Do not dispose of it by incineration. This can cause it to explode.
Erroneous handling of an item marked with this label can cause injury to the
user, or physical damage to property.
w This product should not be used outside of the stated specifications
ranges for ratings, service life, configuration factors and other
elements. This can cause abnormal generation of heat and smoke.
w The operational force of the touch panel should be kept to 0.98 N or
lower. Operating the touch panel at a higher force could cause damage.
w Never touch terminals while the power supply is on. This can cause
electric shock.
w Never disassemble or alter this product. This can cause electric shock
and smoke generation.

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