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डेटा पत्रक - Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs - Microchip

भाग संख्या AN1096
समारोह Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs
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The purpose of the program is to show individual
features of the SPI protocol and give code samples of
the instructions and addressing schemes so that the
basic building blocks of a program can be shown. The
firmware performs the following operations:
• Low-Density Byte Write
• Low-Density Byte Read
• Low-Density Page Write
• Low-Density Sequential Read
• Write Enable
• WIP Polling
In addition, the following operations are available but
not explicitly illustrated:
• High-Density Byte Write
• High-Density Byte Read
• High-Density Page Write
• High-Density Sequential Read
• Write Disable
• Read Status Register
• Write Status Register
The low-density routines are intended for use with the
4K and smaller density devices that use only one byte
for addressing. The high-density routines are intended
for use with 8K and higher density devices that use two
bytes for addressing. This program also exhibits the
WIP polling feature for detecting the completion of write
cycles after the byte write and page write operations.
Read operations are located directly after each write
operation, thus allowing for verification that the data
was properly written. No method of displaying the input
data is provided, but a SEEVAL® 32 evaluation system,
an oscilloscope, or a Microchip MPLAB® ICD 2 could
be used.
The low-density code was tested using the
25LC040A serial EEPROM. This device features 512
x 8 (4 Kbit) of memory and 16-byte pages. The high-
density code was tested using the 25LC256 serial
EEPROM. This device features 32K x 8 (256 Kbit) of
memory and 64-byte pages. Only the low-density
operations are illustrated in this application note.
Oscilloscope screen shots are labeled for ease in read-
ing. The data sheet versions of the waveforms are
shown below the oscilloscope screen shots. All timings
are designed to meet the data sheet specs, and an 8
MHz crystal oscillator is used to clock the dsPIC33F
DSC or PIC24F microcontroller. If a different clock is
used, the code may need to be modified to avoid violat-
ing timing specs. All values represented in this applica-
tion note are decimal values unless otherwise noted.
DS01096B-page 2
© 2007 Microchip Technology Inc.

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