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डेटा पत्रक - Gastransmitter - ADOS

भाग संख्या GTR210
समारोह Gastransmitter
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स ADOS 
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GTR210 pdf
GTR 210
The gas transmitter ADOS GTR 210 is suitable for
continuous measurement of gases in normal areas and
areas where there are risks of explosion.
By employing 6 different types of sensor, noxious,
explosive and non-combustible gases and vapours can
be measured.
Display of the measured gas concentration and the
adjustable alarm thresholds, are shown on a multi-
colour graphic display. The keyboard input is by way
of a touchpad.
A current signal is generated that is proportional to the
measured concentration of gas, which is transmitted to
an evaluation unit placed in a safe area, away from any
dangers of explosion.
The type test of the explosion-protected gas transmitter,
is completed by the KEMA.
KEMA test certificate: No.: KEMA
Type of protection: Ex d e ia mb IIC T4 Gb
Fields of Application
Chemical industry
Manufacture of paints and varnishes
Plastic processing plants
Sewage works
Gas-fired boiler systems
Liquid gas storage houses
Oxygen concentration measurement
Cold-storage houses (Ammonia monitoring)
Paint spraying booths
and many more
e s t. 19 0 0
1 = Circuit voltage
2 = Heating voltage
3 = Load resistor
The TGS sensor
The TGS sensor contains a semiconductor sensor, which
is ­constructed on SnO2-sintered N-substrate.
When combustible or reducing gases are absorbed by
the surface of the sensor, the concentration of the test
gas is determined by the change in conductivity.
1 = Catalyzer pellistor
2 = Electric connections
3 = Inert pellistor
4 = Diffusion filter
The VQ sensor
The head of the VQ sensor functions on the principle
of heat ­reaction. When combustible or reducing gases
or ­vapours come in contact with the measuring ele-
ment, they are subjected to catalytic ­combustion, which
­causes a rise in temperature; this rise causes a change
in the resistance of the measuring element which is used
as a measure of the component of gas being tested.
The inert element is for compensating the temperature
and conduc­tivity of the test gas.
Instrumentation and Control

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