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The H8/532 is a high-performance single-chip Hitachi-original microcomputer, featuring a high-
speed CPU with 16-bit internal data paths and a full complement of on-chip supporting modules.
The H8/532 is an ideal microcontroller for a wide variety of medium-scale devices, including both
office and industrial equipment and consumer products.
Its highly orthogonal instruction set is designed for fast execution of programs coded in the high-
level C language.
On-chip facilities include large RAM and ROM memories, numerous timers, serial I/O, an A/D
converter, I/O ports, and other functions for compact implementation of high-performance
application systems.
The H8/532 is available in both a ZTATversion* with on-chip PROM, ideal for the early stages
of production or for products with frequently-changing specifications, and a masked-ROM version
suitable for volume production.
This manual gives a hardware description of the H8/532. For details of the instruction set, refer to
the H8/500 Series Programming Manual, which applies to all chips in the H8/500 Series.
* ZTAT (Zero Turn-Around Time) is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.

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HD6475328CGManual Gives a Hardware DescriptionHitachi Semiconductor
Hitachi Semiconductor
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