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भाग संख्या BU21079F
समारोह Capacitive Switch Controller ICs
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BU21079F is a capacitive sensor controller for switch operation.
BU21079F has the following blocks: AFE (Analog Front End) detecting capacitance, A/D converter, MPU, 2-wire serial bus
interface compatible with I2C protocol, power-on-reset, and oscillator. It is operated with a 3.0V to 5.5V single power supply.
The results detected during switch operations (Touch/Release/Hold) are stored in a register. An interrupt is sent from INT
port to the host when a register is updated during operations. If external noise and temperature drift are detected, automatic
self-calibration is activated. When continuous monitoring of the host is unnecessary, the load of the host will be reduced.
Intermittent operation
When touch ON is detected, its operation shifts from intermittent operation to normal operation. When touch OFF is
detected, its operation shifts from normal operation to intermittent operation, and the operating power is decreased.
Sensing during intermittent operation is called “check sensing” and sensing during normal operation is called “normal
Simple switch
One sensor is assigned to one switch. Each simple switch has the registers for the detected Touch/Release/Hold
operations. Simple switches support multi-detect Touch/Release/Hold. It is possible to mask unused switches.
Matrix switches
The cross points of the sensors which are arranged in a matrix can be assigned to individual switches. Each matrix
switch has registers for detected Touch/Release/Hold operations. Matrix switches do not support multi-detect
Touch/Release/Hold. It is possible to mask unused matrix switches. BU21079F supports 16 matrix switches configured by
4x4 sensors.
Automatic self-calibration
BU21079F checks the status of the sensors based on the detected result. If external noise and temperature drift are
detected, the automatic self-calibration is activated in order to get stable detection.
Host interface
BU21079F is slave device for the host device. 2-wire serial bus is compatible with I2C protocol.
Slave Address Is 0x5C.
Pin Configurations
Figure 2. Pin configuration of BU21079F
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