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भाग संख्या TW2866
समारोह 4-Channel Video Decoder and Audio Codec plus Video Encoder
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स INTERSIL 
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TW2866 pdf
Security Surveillance IC Solutions
4-Channel Video Decoder and Audio Codec plus
Video Encoder for Security Applications
Video Decoder
Accepts all NTSC(M/4.43) / PAL(B/D/G/H/I/K/L/M/N/60)/SECAM standards with auto detection
Integrated four video analog anti-aliasing filters and 10-bit ADCs
High performance adaptive 4H comb filters for all NTSC/PAL standards
IF compensation filter for improvement of color demodulation
Color Transient Improvement (CTI) and automatic white peak control
Programmable hue, saturation, contrast, brightness and sharpness
Proprietary fast video locking system for non-realtime application
Supports the standard ITU-R BT.656 format or time multiplexed output with 54/108MHz.
Provides simultaneous four channel Full D1 and CIF time-multiplexed outputs with 54MHz.
Video Encoder
NTSC/PAL Video Encoder
CVBS and S-video Support
TW2866 Block Diagram
Audio Codec
Integrated five audio ADCs and one audio DAC
Provides multi-channel audio mixed analog output
Supports I2S/DSP Master/Slave interface for record
output and playback input.
PCM 8/16 bit and u-Law/A-Law 8bit for audio word
Programmable audio sample rate that covers popular
frequencies of 8/16/32/44.1/48kHz
Other Features
2x/4x analog clock PLL for 108MHz clock output
Supports a two-wire serial host interface
1.2V, 3.3V Supply
Low power consumption
Order Information
Part Number:TW2866
Package: 128-pin LQFP
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