GS75-6S डेटा पत्रक PDF( Datasheet डाउनलोड )

डेटा पत्रक - 75 kWe / 60 Hz / Standby - MTU

भाग संख्या GS75-6S
समारोह 75 kWe / 60 Hz / Standby
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स MTU 
लोगो MTU लोगो 
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GS75-6S pdf
2 / // / GS75-6S
//MTU Onsite Energy is a single source supplier
//Global Product Support
//2 Year Standard Warranty
//6.8L Engine
- 6.8 Liter Displacement
- 4-Cycle
//Optional Fuels: LP Liquid and Dual Fuel
//Engine-generator resilient mounted
//Complete Range of Accessories
- Brushless, Rotating Field Generator
- 2/3 Pitch Windings
- 300% Short Circuit Capability
//Digital Control Panel
- UL Recognized, CSA Certied, NFPA 110
- Complete System Metering
- LCD Display
//Cooling System
- Integral Set-Mounted
- Engine Driven Fan
Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
Oil Pump
Oil Drain Extension & S/O Valve
Full Flow Oil Filter
Jacket Water Pump
Blower Fan & Fan Drive
Radiator - Unit Mounted
Electric Starting Motor - 12V
Governor – Electronic Isochronous
Base - Formed Steel
SAE Flywheel & Bell Housing
Charging Alternator - 12V
Battery Rack & Cables
Flexible Exhaust Connection
EPA Certied Engine
NEMA MG1, IEEE and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise
and motor starting
Sustained short circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for
up to 10 seconds
Superior Voltage Waveform
Solid State, Volts-per-Hertz Regulator
±1% Voltage Regulation No Load to Full Load Regulation
Brushless Alternator with Brushless Pilot Exciter
4 Pole, Rotating Field
130 °C Maximum Standby Temperature Rise
1 Bearing, Sealed
Flexible Coupling
Full Amortisseur Windings
125% Rotor Balancing
3-Phase Voltage Sensing
100% of Rated Load - One Step
5% Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion
//Digital Control Panel(s)
Digital Metering
Engine Parameters
Generator Protection Functions
Engine Protection
SAE J1939 Engine ECU Communications
Windows®-Based Software
Multilingual Capability
Remote Communications to RDP-110 Remote Annunciator
16 Programmable Contact Inputs
Up to 11 Contact Outputs
UL Recognized, CSA Certied, CE Approved
Event Recording
IP 54 Front Panel Rating with Integrated Gasket
NFPA110 Compatible
* Represents standard product only. Consult Factory/MTU Onsite Energy Distributor for additional congurations.

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