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Specification No. G040101-I980
Sheet 2
Caution and Handling Precaution
For your end user's safety, it is strongly advised that the items with"¼"should be included in the instruction manual of the
system which may be issued by your organization.
For Safety
(1) Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology's Standard LCD modules have not been customized for operation in extreme
environments or for use in applications where performance failures could be life-threatening or otherwise catastrophic.
Since they must never be installed in aircraft navigation control systems (such as, but not limited to Traffic Collision
System and Air traffic Indicator), in military defense or weapons systems, in critical industrial process-control systems
(e.g., those involved in the production of nuclear energy), or in critical medical device or patient life-support systems.
(2) DISCONNECT POWER SUPPLY before handling LCD module.
DO NOT TOUCH the parts inside LCD module and the fluorescent lamp's (hereinafter called "FL") connector or cable in
order to prevent electric shock, because high voltage is supplied to these parts from the inverter unit while power supply
is turned on.
(3) Make sure to insert the module FL connector to the inverter connector in correct position.
Do not insert in irregular position.
If incorrect, this may cause smoke or burn of electrical parts by high voltage of FL circuit.
If there is a possibility that the connector has been inserted incorrectly, please re-insert the connector only after you
confirm the module and FL power is completely off. When disconnecting connector, do not pull on the cable.
DO NOT USE the mating FL connector which Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology does not specify.
Otherwise, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology shall not be liable for any damages caused by the connector.
Sensitive parts inside LCD module may be damaged, and dusts or scratches may mar the displays.
Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology does not warrant the modules, if customer disassembled or modified them.
DO NOT INGEST liquid crystal material, DO NOT INHALE this material, and DO NOT PERMIT this material to contact
the skin, if glass of LCD panel is broken.
If liquid crystal material contacts the skin, mouth or clothing, take the following actions immediately.
In case contact to the eye or mouth, rinse with large amount of running water for more than 15 minutes. In case contact
to the skin or clothing, wipe it off immediately and wash with soap and large amount of running water for more than 15
minutes. The skin or closing may be damaged if liquid crystal material is left adhered.
In case ingestion, rinse out the mouth well with water. After spewing up by drinking large amount of water, get medical
BE CAREFUL WITH CHIPS OF GLASS that may cause injuring fingers or skin, when the glass is broken.
Since FL is also made of glass, when FL is built in, handle it with due caution a well.
Be careful with handling the metal flame (bezel) of a module. Even though burr disposal treatment is performed, it may
cause injuring. Be careful with edges of glass parts and touch panel identically. For designing the system, give special
consideration that the wiring and parts do not touch those edges.
DO NOT EXCEED the absolute maximum rating values under the worst probable conditions caused by the supply
voltage variation, input voltage variation, variation in parts' constants, ambient temperature, etc., otherwise LCD module
may be damaged.
Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co.,Ltd
New No.NR-LTD141EM4V-11
Old No.
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