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Recold JT Series Cooling Tower Construction
Recold, the pioneer of Dri-Fan forced draft evaporative coolers, now applies this principal to the cooling of process water. With the
fan in the supply air stream, away from the high humidity air leaving the tower, the fan shaft and bearing are assured longer life.
The process water enters the spray tree at the top of the unit,
is sprayed down onto the heat exchanger surface or “fill”, giving
up heat to the counterflowing air before returning to the system
from the sump pan. Moist air does not enter the fan assembly,
resulting in longer life and fewer service problems.
Hydrospray nozzles are made of non-ferrous material, sized and
spaced for optimum wetting of fill. The even distribution of spray
across the fill material is extremely important in evaporative
Recold cooling towers are designed for maximum accessibility
for inspection and cleaning. Recold patented access doors
on both sides of the unit provide ample access to the spray
nozzles, fill, eliminators, bleeds and sump pan for service and
maintenance. Recold access doors provide a complete air and
water tight seal without gaskets or fasteners, and are “quick
Recold cooling towers are constructed of 300 series stainless
steel (basin, fill supports and access doors) and heavy gauge
hot dipped G-235 galvanized steel per ASTM A-525.
A single, slow-speed forward curve blower is used for optimum
efficiency and minimum noise. Each blower is balanced to
eliminate unit vibration on Recold’s high precision electronic
balancing equipment. Large blowers are made from galvanized
steel and subject to careful quality control throughout. Fan
shafts are coated to prevent corrosion. The blower drives are
selected at 150% of rated brake horsepower.
Bearings are self-aligning, ball-bearing type, with external
lubricating fittings and selected for 2000,000 hour average
bearing life. Rugged, OSHA approved, belt guard and screen are
provided for protection. Motor is mounted on an adjustable base.
Recold cooling towers are completely assembled at the factory
and shipped as a unit.
High efficiency is accomplished by using a PVC fill design
that provides the maximum amount of wetted surface within
allowable airside pressure drop. Fill is conveniently sized for
easy removal. The cooling tower fill shall be high efficiency,
self-extinguishing PVC, a minimum of 40 mils thick. It shall have
a flame spread rating of 25 per ASTM standard E-84 and be
impervious to rot, decay, fungus or biological attack.
Eliminators are constructed of PVC assembled in removable,
easy to handle sections. A three-pass design allows three
changes in air flow resulting in decreased drift rates. The use of
durable PVC eliminates the corrosion problems associated with
galvanized eliminators.
All Recold cooling towers are tested under the close supervision
of the Quality Control Department before being released for
shipment. Fans are run and spray systems operated to assure
quiet, balanced operation without leaks, water carryover or
vibration. Nozzles are checked for proper distribution.
Use this data for preliminary layouts only. Obtain current
drawing from your Marley/Recold sales representative.
The UPDATE web-based selection software — available
at — provides JT Series model
recommendations based on customer's specific design
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