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डेटा पत्रक - Web tension measuring amplifier - Erhardt Leimer

भाग संख्या CV2201
समारोह Web tension measuring amplifier
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Erhardt Leimer 
लोगो Erhardt Leimer लोगो 
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CV2201 pdf
Web tension measuring amplifier CV 2201
1. Safety instructions
1.1 Description
Keep this description in a safe place and accessible for the personnel
at all times.
The description is part of the items supplied and is to be read carefully
prior to starting assembly, operation or maintenance.
The documentation for an E+L system essentially comprises the high-
er level system description (A), the individual descriptions of the com-
ponents (B, C, ... W), spare part lists (X) and the circuit diagrams (Z).
Proceed in accordance with the instructions in the system description.
All important processes are described in the system description.
Where necessary, reference is made to the descriptions of the individ-
ual components.
1.2 Intended use
The measuring amplifier is only allowed to be used to amplify E+L load
cell signals.
The measuring amplifier is only allowed to be installed in the custom-
er's machine as defined by E+L.
The measuring amplifier is not allowed to be modified.
The measuring amplifier is built to the state-of-the-art.
Nevertheless, during operation
– Hazards for the user's health or
– Damage to property may occur.
Only use the measuring amplifier
– if in correct working order,
– paying due attention to safety and hazards while observing the lo-
cally applicable, statutory and customary safety regulations as well
as the regulations for the prevention of accidents.
1.3 User groups
All the activities in this description are only allowed to be undertaken
by the user groups listed in the following with the stated qualifications.
User groups
Transport/assembly, commissioning,
Specialist personnel
troubleshooting/repair, maintenance, dis-
Technicians, industrial mechanics, fitters
Installation, disassembly
Specialist personnel
Electrical connection only by electricians
Specialist personnel, unskilled personnel, Instruction by the operating organization
U 2/12
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