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Fig. 2. RF2421 VSWR over Frequency
Even in the attenuation mode, the effect on noise figure
would be minimal since the attenuator's noise figure
would be the third term in the cascade NF equation.
In PCS systems, the base stations may be fed from
multiple picocells that are physically separated from it
by up to a hundred feet or more of coaxial cable. The
signal levels coming into the base station will vary
depending on the cable length and individual transpon-
der power. It is desirable to keep the signals at a uni-
form level at the base station, and to do so, it may be
necessary to attenuate the stronger signals. Again, a
step attenuator can be easily dropped in to perform this
The upper end of a receiver's dynamic range is deter-
mined by the largest signal it can handle without being
overdriven and producing unacceptable levels of distor-
tion caused by nonlinearity. Switching in an attenuator
before a low noise amplifier (LNA) in the presence of
strong, in-band signals allows reception by preventing
them from overdriving the receiver front end. This
effectively shifts the dynamic range upward by the
amount of the attenuation. For this application, it is
important that the third-order intercept point (IP3) per-
formance of the attenuator in the off-attenuation mode
is better than that of the LNA so it does not worsen the
receiver's linearity.
As a gain control element at the input of an amplifica-
tion stage, the step attenuator would offer the added
benefit of reducing the VSWR by reducing the return
loss. In many cases, only one or two dB of additional
isolation is needed to improve amplifier instability or to
help isolate a poorly matched load from a source.
When the attenuator is active, it is actually a pad since
it has the same input and output characteristic imped-
ance. It presents itself to the signal as a lossy trans-
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