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डेटा पत्रक - ZENIGATA LED - Sharp

भाग संख्या GW6BGS27ED
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Sharp 
लोगो Sharp लोगो 
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GW6BGS27ED pdf
Model No. GW6BGS**HED
Handle this document carefully for it contains material protected by international
copyright law. Any reproduction, full or in part, of this material is prohibited
without the express written permission of the company.
When using the products covered herein, please observe the conditions written herein
and the precautions outlined in the following paragraphs. In no event shall the
company be liable for any damages resulting form failure to strictly adhere to these
conditions and precautions.
(1) Please do verify the validity of this part after assembling it in customer’s products, when customer
wants to make catalogue and instruction manual based on the specification sheet of this part.
(2) The products covered herein are designed and manufactured for the following
application areas. When using the products covered herein for the equipment
listed in paragraph (3), even for the following application areas, be sure
to observe the precautions given in Paragraph (3). Never use the products
for the equipment listed in Paragraph (4).
Office electronics
Instrumentation and measuring equipment
Machine tools
Audiovisual equipment
Home appliances
Communication equipment other than for trunk lines
(3) These contemplating using the products covered herein for the following
equipment which demands high reliability, should first contact a sales
representative of the company and then accept responsibility for incorporating
into the design fail-safe operation, redundancy, and other appropriate
measures for ensuring reliability and safety of the equipment and the overall system.
Control and safety devices for airplanes, trains, automobiles, and other
transportation equipment
Mainframe computers
traffic control systems
Gas leak detectors and automatic cutoff devices
Rescue and security equipment
Other safety devices and safety equipment, etc.
(4) Do not use the products covered herein for the following equipment which
demands extremely high performance in terms of functionality, reliability, or accuracy.
Aerospace equipment
Communications equipment for trunk lines
Control equipment for the nuclear power industry
Medical equipment related to life support, etc.
(5) please direct all queries and comments regarding the interpretation of the
above four Paragraphs to a sales representative of the company.
Please direct all queries regarding the products covered herein to a sales
representative of the company.
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