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समारोह (TCC8900 - TCC8902) Development Board
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2. Hardware Specifications
Telechips TCC8900, up to 720MHz@1.42V.
65nm CMOS Process ARM1176JZF-S architecture processor.
Full HD (1920x1080) video decoding(H.264, MPEG 1/2, MPEG 4 ,
VC-1, Real Video 8/9/10, H.263).
PV8900-FULL-B development
CPU board also can support TCC8902
1280x720 video encoding(H.263, MPEG 4, H.264).
and TCC8901 chips
Support 2D/3D graphic acceleration (ARM’s Mali200) with Open VG
1.1 and Open GL ES 1.1/2.0, also support Overlay Mixer function.
Open OS Support: Linux 2.6.28, Windows CE 6.0, Android 2.1.
256MB DDR2 SDRAM (32bit data bus)
256MB NandFlash (8bit data bus can support SLC & MLC)
Option for 128MB
Option for 128MB or 2GB
One SD/SDHC card socket with a maximum capacity of 32GB
One CF card socket (operation in PATA true IDE mode)
One SATA port (support SATA HDD)
Hardware jump select 3.3V or
5V power supply
SATA disk is powered by
PV8900-FULL-B board
One USB 2.0 High Speed Host port (support USB Disk)
One USB 2.0 High Speed Host port (USB A type), can be hardware Can download software from PC
jump set as USB Host port or USB Device port or USB OTG port in USB Device mode
One USB 1.1 Full Speed Host port (USB A type)
Can support to connect USB
mouse or the high-speed EDGE,
HSDPA, etc. network adapter
(3G modules)
One FULLHD 1080P HDMI 1.3 output port
This port also can support to
connect to DVI monitor
Can connect to external TCON
sub-board to support 7”(800 x
One Generic 24bit color TTL LCD interface port with touch panel 480), 8”(800x600), etc. LCD
interface (50-pin FPC connector)
Panel with 4-wire resistance
touch panel or connect to VGA
sub-board for VGA display
Video Output
One Dual channels 24bit color LVDS output port (implemented by
external chip outside CPU)
Can support up to 1080P LCD
The Power supply of LVDS LCD Panel can be hardware set by jumper Panel, this port can support
single channel or dual channels
form 12V, 5V and 3.3V power supply
CCFL Inverter or LED backlight interface circuit
LVDS interface LCD Panel
One Single channel 18bit/24bit LVDS (which is directly output from
Can support up to 720P and
The Power supply of LVDS LCD Panel can be hardware set by jumper single channel LVDS interface
form 12V, 5V and 3.3V power supply
LCD Panel
CCFL Inverter or LED backlight interface circuit
One TV Out port (AV Out, CVBS output, Composite TV-Out (NTSC /
2ch AV In (CVBS In), can be switched by I2C
Video Input
Generic digital Camera/TS input interface
CCIR601/656 input, Input Image Scaler (up to 4080x4080)
can support TS function by
connected external DVB-C,
Up to 12Mpixel Camera (YUV)
CMMB or other modules
One 3.5mm earphone Jack (audio output)
One On board microphone (audio input)

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