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For over 20 years, Raychem Circuit Protection, a unit of Tyco Electronics, has
pioneered the technology behind PolySwitch™ PPTC (Polymeric Positive
Temperature Coefficient) devices. The use of PPTC devices as a variable resistor
in circuit protection applications was first pioneered by Raychem several
decades ago. They were first used to help protect nickel-cadmium battery packs
against excessive discharge and are still being used in that application today.
Raychem Circuit Protection PolySwitch devices are commonly called resettable
devices to distinguish them from traditional one-shot fuses that work only once
and then must be replaced—an expensive and inconvenient proposition. While
the generic term for these devices is “resettable fuses”, technically they are not
fuses but actually non-linear thermistors.
Designed for use in a wide range of electronic devices, these thermistor-type
devices limit the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions. But
unlike traditional fuses that work one time and must be replaced, Raychem
Circuit Protection’s PPTC devices reset after the fault is cleared and power to the
circuit is removed. This reduces service and repair costs, resulting in improved
customer satisfaction and reduced warranty costs.
To date, billions of PolySwitch products are used to help protect a wide range of
electronic products in automotive, battery and portable electronics, computer
and peripherals, consumer, industrial, and telecommunication markets. In
addition, Raychem Circuit Protection continues to expand their circuit protection
offerings with Telecom Fuses, ROV Radial-leaded Metal Oxide Varistors, SiBar™
Thyristor surge protectors, Raychem Gas Discharge Tubes for overvoltage
protection, and most recently, Polymer electrostatic discharge (PESD) protection
Raychem Circuit Protection is recognized as a leader for operational excellence
and customer service. A dedicated direct engineering sales force, world-wide
manufacturing and design centers, and local engineering support help them to
think, manage and share globally, yet act locally, to meet customer needs. They
are in compliance with globally recognized ISO9000 standards and certified to
QS9000 standards.
The division is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with manufacturing facilities in
California (USA), China, and Japan, with sales offices worldwide.
For the latest product information please
visit us at: (Chinese) (Japanese)
Americas: (800) 227-7040 or (650) 361-6900
32-16-35 1321
Asia Pacific: 852-2738-3401

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