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भाग संख्या G07007SB
समारोह Powering Digital Convergence
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स WISchip 
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G07007SB pdf
WISchip GO7007SB
Audio Input/Output
• I²S interface
• Advanced AC97 slave interface, supports variable
sampling rate
• PCM/ADPCM audio data stream output
• Audio data fingerprint is embedded in video stream
for S/W synchronization
Video and Image Processing
• Adaptive RGB Bayer reconstruction
• Color conversion and correction
• RGB gain and offset
• Per color gamma correction (RGB)
• AE and AWB statistics collection for camera control
• Independent gain and offset control in RGB channel
• 2:1 scaling
• Cropping
• Contrast, brightness, and hue control (RGB)
• Motion adaptive de-interlacing; enhanced de-
interlacing functions
• Inverse telecine
• Motion adaptive temporal filter
• 5-tap, user-programmable filters (RGB)
• Auto exposure/auto white balance statistics (RGB)
• RGB to YCbCr conversion (RGB) video compression
Video Compression
• WIS patent-pending Motion Estimation Engine (search
range +/-127 horizontal PEL and
+/-63 vertical PEL with half-PEL accuracy)
• WIS patent-pending high precision DCT/IDCT and
quantization implementation
• Advanced scene change detection and adjustable GOP
• 48 MHz to 96 MHz (depending on resolution)
• Programmable GOP structures (I, IP, IBBP) and sizes
• WIS patent-pending advanced MPEG bit-rate control
(CBR/VBR) from 1 Kbps to 20 Mbps
Video Quality and Features
• DVD quality full-D1 video from 2 Mbps
• High quality from QCIF video for low-bandwidth
communication (from 40 Kbps)
• 2-hour 640x352 movie on one 650 MB CD (average
PSNR 40 db)
• Dynamically adjustable bit rate and frame rate to fit
variable bandwidths (for Internet communication
• Drivers, SDKs, and related software including
decoding, post processing, and Internet-ready
software (sample applications available)
• Features and parameters are configurable from host
(e.g., PC) or embedded
• Internal algorithms of scene change and bit-rate
control are upgradeable
• Motion detection • Windows 2000® or XP®
• Linux®
• Microsoft DirectShow®
Video Output Formats
• MPEG-4 Simple Profile @ L3 plus B-frame support,
Microsoft®, DivX®, and Sigma Design® compatible,
progressive, and interlace
• MPEG-2 MP @ ML, progressive, and interlace
• MPEG-1
• H.263
• Motion JPEG
Output and Control Interface
• Built-in USB 1.1 device controller
• Supports USB 2.0 through external controller
• 8 or 16-bit address/data multiplexed or non-
multiplexed host parallel interface, asynchronous or
synchronous capable
• GPIO interface (6) • SPI (3 wire) • I²S
• 208-pin PQFP (Part # GO7007SB-UAQX01)
• 196-ball LBGA (Part # GO7007SB-UABX01)
• 3.3V, 0.18um, 5-layer metal, single-poly process
• 4MB or 8MB 32-bit PC100 external SDRAM
• Power consumption: 740mW @ D1 resolution, 30 fps
USA • China • Japan • Taiwan • UK • Italy • Belgium
Netherlands • Israel • Korea • Singapore
© 2003 WISchip International Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The WIS logo and the WIS
family of product names are trademarks of WISchip International Ltd. All other
trademarks mentioned are properties of their respective holders. All information in
this document is subject to change without notice. The information was obtained
in specific operating environments and is considered an example. Results may vary
in different environments. Under no circumstances will WISchip International Ltd.
be liable for damages resulting from the information in this document.
WISchip International Ltd. 2805 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara CA 95054 • t| 408.625.1200 • f| 408.625.1299 •

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