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भाग संख्या FZL4146
समारोह Quad Driver Incl. Short-Circuit Signaling
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Infineon Technologies 
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FZL4146 pdf
FZL 4146
The turn-ON threshold at input Dl and ENA can be set via pin TS from 1.5 to 7 V.
VTS = 0 V … 1.5 V
VTS = 1.5 V … 7 V
Turn-ON threshold = 1.5 V
Turn-ON threshold = VTS
Turn-ON threshold = 7 V
Inputs Dl, ENA and W are proof against line break, i.e. an open input at Dl or ENA
corresponds to input L, open input W corresponds to overcurrent. If input TS is open, the
highest turn-ON threshold is provided.
The internal current supply B and the undervoltage monitor UV ensure that in case of a
supply voltage that is below the VS turn-OFF threshold, outputs Q and SQ are disabled
and the inputs go high-impedance. Basic functioning is possible within the range from VS
turn-OFF threshold to 4.5 V.
In case of overcurrent or short-circuit to ground at any output stage the signaling output
(SQ) will go low. In clock-governed operation (i.e. when there is automatic switching-ON
by the clock and not by a key), SQ goes high and low at the clock rate as long as a short-
circuit or overload is present. SQ is an open-collector output.
Any input and output is ESD proof within the limit values.
Semiconductor Group

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