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डेटा पत्रक - Color TFT-LCD Module - Sharp

भाग संख्या LQ057Q3DC02
समारोह Color TFT-LCD Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Sharp 
लोगो Sharp लोगो 
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LQ057Q3DC02 pdf
This publication is the proprietary of SHARP and is copyrighted, with all rights reserved. Under the
copyright laws, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the express written
permission of SHARP. Express written permission is also required before any use of this publication
may be made by a third party.
The application circuit examples in this publication are provided to explain the representative
applications of SHARP's devices and are not intended to guarantee any circuit design or permit any
industrial property right or other rights to be executed. SHARP takes no responsibility for any
problems related to any industrial property right or a third party resulting from the use of SHARP's
devices, except for those resulting directly from device manufacturing processes.
In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any
defects that occur in equipment using any of SHARP's devices, shown in catalogs, data books, etc.
Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest device specification sheets before using any SHARP's
SHARP reserves the right to make changes in the specifications, characteristics, data, materials,
structures and other contents described herein at any time without notice in order to improve design or
reliability. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest specification sheets before using any SHARP's
device. Manufacturing locations are also subject to change without notice.
Observe the following points when using any device in this publication. SHARP takes no responsibility
for damage caused by improper use of the devices.
The devices in this publication are designed for use in general electronic equipment designs, such as:
Automotive auxiliary information display
Automotive audio visual equipment
The appropriate design measures should be taken to ensure reliability and safety when SHARP's
devices are used for equipment such as:
Transportation control and safety equipment(i.e., aircraft, trains, automobiles, etc.)
Traffic signals
Gas leakage sensor breakers
Alarm equipment
Various safety devices etc.
SHARP's devices shall not be used for equipment that requires extremely high level of reliability, such
Military and space applications
Nuclear power control equipment
Medical equipment for life support
Contact a SHARP representative, in advance, when intending to use SHARP's devices for any "specific"
applications other than those recommended by SHARP.
Contact and consult with a SHARP representative if there are any questions about the contents of this

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