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भाग संख्या TDA6403A
समारोह 5 V mixers/oscillators and synthesizers for cable TV and VCR 2-band tuners
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स NXP 
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TDA6403A pdf
Philips Semiconductors
5 V mixers/oscillators and synthesizers for
cable TV and VCR 2-band tuners
Product specification
TDA6402; TDA6402A;
TDA6403; TDA6403A
Single-chip 5 V mixer/oscillator and synthesizer for
cable TV and VCR tuners
Synthesizer function compatible with existing TSA5526
Universal bus protocol (I2C-bus or 3-wire bus)
– Bus protocol for 18 or 19-bit transmission (3-wire
– Extra protocol for 27-bit transmission (test modes and
features for 3-wire bus)
– Address + 4 data bytes transmission (I2C-bus ‘write’
– Address + 1 status byte (I2C-bus ‘read’ mode)
– 4 independent I2C-bus addresses.
1 PNP buffer for UHF band selection (25 mA)
3 PNP buffers for general purpose, e.g. 2 VHF
sub-bands, FM sound trap (25 mA)
33 V tuning voltage output
In-lock detector
5-step A/D converter (3 bits in I2C-bus mode)
15-bit programmable divider
Programmable reference divider ratio (512, 640 or
1 024)
Programmable charge pump current (60 or 280 µA)
Programmable automatic charge pump current switch
Varicap drive disable
Mixer/oscillator function compatible with existing
Balanced mixer with a common emitter input for VHF
(single input)
Balanced mixer with a common base input for UHF
(balanced input)
2-pin common emitter oscillator for VHF
4-pin common emitter oscillator for UHF
IF preamplifier with asymmetrical 75 output
impedance to drive a low-ohmic impedance (75 )
Low power
Low radiation
Small size
The TDA6402A and TDA6403A differ from the TDA6402
and TDA6403 by the UHF port protocol in the I2C-bus
mode (see Tables 3 and 4).
Cable tuners for TV and VCR (switched concept for
Recommended RF bands for the USA:
55.25 to 133.25 MHz, 139.25 to 361.25 MHz and
367.25 to 801.25 MHz.
The TDA6402, TDA6402A, TDA6403 and TDA6403A are
programmable 2-band mixers/oscillators and synthesizers
intended for VHF/UHF cable tuners (see Fig.1).
The devices include two double balanced mixers and two
oscillators for the VHF and UHF band respectively, an IF
amplifier and a PLL synthesizer. The VHF band can be
split-up into two sub-bands using a proper oscillator
application and a switchable inductor. Two pins are
available between the mixer output and the IF amplifier
input to enable IF filtering for improved signal handling.
Four PNP ports are provided. Band selection is provided
by using pin PUHF. When PUHF is ‘ON’, the UHF
mixer-oscillator is active and the VHF band is switched off.
When PUHF is ‘OFF’, the VHF mixer-oscillator is active
and the UHF band is ‘OFF’. PVHFL and PVHFH are used
to select the VHF sub-bands. FMST is a general purpose
port, that can be used to switch an FM sound trap. When
it is used, the sum of the collector currents has to be limited
to 30 mA.
The synthesizer consists of a divide-by-eight prescaler, a
15-bit programmable divider, a crystal oscillator and its
programmable reference divider and a phase/frequency
detector combined with a charge pump which drives the
tuning amplifier, including 33 V output (V33) at pin VT.
Depending on the reference divider ratio (512, 640 or
1024), the phase comparator operates at 7.8125 kHz,
6.25 kHz or 3.90625 kHz with a 4 MHz crystal.
2000 Jan 24

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