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भाग संख्या TDA6151-5X
समारोह Satellite-Video IC
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Siemens Semiconductor 
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TDA6151-5X pdf
TDA 6151-5
TDA 6151-5X
emphasis selector switch. The third output of the gain controlled amplifier has a direct connection to
the de-emphasis selector switch. This allows the selection of the sufficient frequency response of
the de-emphasis network or a linear frequency response by passing the de-emphasis networks.
The output signal of the de-emphasis selector switch is fed separately via two driver amplifiers to the
baseband 1 output and to the baseband 2 output. This baseband 2 output is fed via an external low
pass filter to the input of the energy dispersal clamping circuit. This circuit removes the energy
dispersal signal from the baseband signal. The clamping circuit can be operated with an internally
generated clamping signal or a clamp pulse applied to the IC from an external source.
The internal generated clamping pulse can only be used if the incoming baseband signal is a
standard CVBS-signal. The clamping pulse is then located in the H-sync pulse period. The impulse
width is approx. 2 µs. The external clamping pulse must be active low. The timing of the pulse is not
critical. The clamping level used in conjunction with the video signal can be selected according to
the operation mode (CVBS- or MAC-mode). The clamping level differs by 1 V. The baseband output
(pin 16) and CVBS-output (pin 14) require 75 line drivers implemented as internal drivers
followed by a PNP-emitter follower.
Pin Configuration
(top view)
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TDA6151-5Satellite-Video ICSiemens Semiconductor
Siemens Semiconductor
TDA6151-5XSatellite-Video ICSiemens Semiconductor
Siemens Semiconductor

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