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भाग संख्या CW22P871
समारोह CW20P-Type CW Tunable/ Wavelength-Stabilized Laser Module
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Agere Systems 
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CW Tunable, Wavelength-Stabilized Laser Module
Advance Data Sheet, Rev. 1
June 2001
Module Processing
The module can withstand normal wave soldering pro-
cesses. The complete transmitter module is not her-
metically sealed; therefore, it should not be immersed
in or sprayed with any cleaning solution or solvents.
The process cap and fiber pigtail jacket can deform at
temperatures greater than 85 °C. The transmitter pins
can be wave-soldered at a maximum temperature of
250 °C for 10 seconds.
Connector Options
The standard fiber-optic pigtail is an 8 µm core PMF
panda-type fiber. (914 µm) diameter, tight-buffered
outer jacket. The standard length is 39 in. ± 4 in.
(1 m ± 10 cm) and is terminated with an ST ® optical
Installation Considerations
Although the module has been designed with rugged-
ness in mind, care should be used during handling.
The optical connector should be kept free from dust,
and the process cap should be kept in place as a dust
cover when the device is not connected to a cable. If
contamination is present on the optical connector, the
use of canned air with an extension tube should
remove any debris. Other cleaning procedures are
identified in the Cleaning Fiber-Optic Assemblies Tech-
nical Note (TN95-010LWP).
Pin Information
Table 1. Pin Descriptions
Pin Number
1 Ground (TEC)
2 Back-facet Monitor1
3 Bias Monitor/Laser Degrade Alarm1
4 CW Enable
5 NUC2
6 Ground
7 Wavelength-Deviation Error Alarm
8 RS-232 Interface (Tx)
9 RS-232 Interface (Rx)
10 Dither Input
11 Ground
12 VEE
13 VCC
14 VTEC (TEC supply voltage)
15 Ground
16 NUC2
17 Ground
18 NUC2
19 Ground
20 NUC2
21 Ground
22 NUC2
23 Ground
24 VCC
1. Laser back-facet and bias alarm functions are customer-use
options that are not required for normal operations of the transmit-
ter and are normally used during manufacture and for diagnostics.
The output will optionally be either a logic signal or an analog volt-
age. All alarm, select, and enable signals are active-high.
2. NUC = no user connection.
2 Agere Systems Inc.

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