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भाग संख्या MSP430FR2512
समारोह Capacitive Touch Sensing Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers
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MSP430FR2512 pdf
MSP430FR2522, MSP430FR2512
• General input/output and pin functionality
– Total of 15 I/Os on VQFN-20 package
– 15 interrupt pins (P1 and P2) can wake MCU
from low-power modes
• Development tools and software
– Development tools
– MSP CapTIvate™ MCU development kit
evaluation: use with CAPTIVATEPGMR
programmer and capacitive touch
MSP430FR2522 MCU board
– Target development board
– Ease-of-use ecosystem
CapTIvate Design Center – code generation,
customizable GUI, real-time tuning
1.2 Applications
• Electronic smart locks, door keypads, and readers
• Garage door systems
• Intrusion HMI keypads and control panels
• Elevator call buttons
• Personal electronics
• Wireless speakers and headsets
• 12KB ROM library includes CapTIvate touch
libraries and driver libraries
• Family Members (Also See Device Characteristics)
– MSP430FR2522: 7.25KB of program FRAM,
256B of information FRAM, 2KB of RAM
up to 8 self-capacitive and 16 mutual-capacitive
– MSP430FR2512: 7.25KB of program FRAM,
256B of information FRAM, 2KB of RAM
up to 4 self-capacitive or mutual-capacitive
• Package options
– 20-pin: VQFN (RHL)
– 16-pin: TSSOP (PW)
• A/V receivers
• Appliances
• Power tools
• Light switches
• Video doorbells
1.3 Description
The MSP430FR25x2 is a family of ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) for capacitive
touch sensing that feature CapTIvate™ touch technology for cost-sensitive applications featuring 1 to 16
capacitive buttons or proximity sensing. The MSP430FR25x2 MCUs offer value and performance for
industrial applications exposed to electromagnetic disturbances, oil, water, and grease. The devices offer
IEC-certified solutions with 5x lower power consumption than competition and support proximity sensing
as well as touch through glass, plastic, and metal overlays.
TI capacitive touch sensing MSP430 MCUs are supported by an extensive hardware and software
ecosystem with reference designs and code examples to get your design started quickly. The BOOSTXL-
CAPKEYPAD BoosterPack™ plug-in module can be used with the CAPTIVATE-PGMR programmer board
(standalone or as part of the MSP-CAPT-FR2633 CapTIvate development kit) or with the LaunchPad
development kit ecosystem. TI also provides free software including the CapTIvate Design Center, where
engineers can quickly develop applications with an easy-to-use GUI and MSP430Ware™ software, and
comprehensive documentation with the CapTIvate technology guide.
MSP430 MCUs with CapTIvate technology provide the most integrated and autonomous capacitive-touch
solutions in the market with high reliability and noise immunity at the lowest power. For more information
For complete module descriptions, see the MSP430FR4xx and MSP430FR2xx Family User's Guide.
2 Device Overview
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