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Energy Management with High-precision Measurements
Total Regenerated Energy Measurement
In addition to the consumed energy (total regenerative power consumption),
generated power (total regenerative energy) can also be measured.
A single Power Monitor can measure equipment that effectively uses
power generated by reverse motor rotation.
Total Reactive Power Measurement
In addition to instantaneous reactive power, the total leading or
lagging power consumption can also be measured.
Together with peak power measurements, this function aids with
monitoring the power distribution equipment.
Automatic Range Switching
Automatic range switching enables high-accuracy measurements
even for microcurrents.
Standby and stopped power can be accurately measured.
When measured at the distribution board, the total of the distributed
values is almost the same as the base measurement.
Previous product
New KM50-series Power Monitor
30 30
0 20 40 60 80 100
Current (A)
±1A ±1A
40 60 80 100
Current (A)
For currents below approx. 5% of the rated
current, the Power Monitor automatically
changes to microcurrent measurement
mode to accurately measure microcurrents.
You can measure microcurrents of ±75 mA with a CT with a rated current of 100 A. (Reference Value)
You can measure microcurrents of ±4 mA with a CT with a rated current of 5 A. (Reference Value)
Note: Reference values are typical values. Actual values may vary.
Inverter Compatibility
Measurements can be made on the primary side of an inverter.
Power consumption can be measured even after installing inverters
which are widely used to save energy. This enables you to accurately
grasp the effect obtained by introducing the inverter.
Functions That Support Saving Energy
Conversion to Monetary Cost
The total power consumption can be converted to the equivalent
monetary cost.
Energy consumption classified as standby and stopped power can
also be converted to the cost.
Displaying the cost of the wasted energy can be used to support
energy-saving measures.
Total Power Consumption
Standby power
Stopped power
Converted display
Cost of total power consumption
Cost of standby power
Cost of stopped power
Alarm Output
An alarm can be output when active power exceeds a certain limit. There
are two outputs; a pulse output and an output for alarm selection.
Alarms can also be set up for generated power (regenerative power),
current, voltage, power factor, or reactive power to assist plant monitoring.
Active power threshold
Active power
measurement value
Active power alarm
output ON
Active power alarm
output OFF
Built-in Logging Function
The total power consumption can be saved in internal
memory every 5 minutes, hour, day, or month.
Data can be saved as follows: 5-minute data for two days, 1-hour data
for eight days, 1-day data for month, and 1-month data for one year.
Data Logging Cycle and Amounts
Every 5 min: 48 hours of data *1
Total power consumption
Every hour: 25 hours of data *2
Every day: 8 days of data
Every month: 13 months of data
Active power, current, voltage, and
maximum/minimum power factors
Every day: 8 days of data
*1. The data that is logged with a 5-minute cycle can be read out only by using
RS-485 communications.
Readout is not possible with key operations on the Power Monitor.
*2. Up to 48 hours of data can be read out using communications.
Functions That Support Installation and Settings
Direct Measurement of Three-phase, Four-wire,
400-V Line Voltage
Measurement is possible for single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire,
three-phase three-wire, and three-phase four-wire power.
You can directly measure the voltage of a three-phase, three-wire 400-V line.
Simple Measurement
The simple measurement function calculates the power from a
fixed voltage and the measured current using a fixed power factor.
This function can be used when the voltage cannot be input to the
KM50 due to onsite conditions or wiring arrangements.
If the Simple Measurement parameter is set to ON, the fixed
voltage and fixed power factor can be set.
The simple measurement function can be used to get an
approximate power consumption of an installed circuit without
wiring and measuring the voltage. Therefore, you must set the
voltage and power factors to appropriate levels.
Fixed values are used for the voltage and power factor, so the
accuracy specifications do not apply.
* Set the voltage to 100 V when performing simple measurements on
a single-phase, three-wire power supply.
Incorrect Wiring Detection
Incorrect voltage wiring can be detected.
If any mistakes were made during installation, they are automatically
detected, reducing the time required for checking after installation.
This also reduces the risk of having to restart when a mistake is found.
Display for Faulty Wiring
Up to 99 KM50 Power Monitors can be connected using RS-485 Modbus.
The energy use of each device can be managed with minimal wiring.
CompoWay/F: 31 Power Monitors
Modbus: 99 Power Monitors
Transmission distance: 500 m

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