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भाग संख्या PC5566
समारोह Microcontroller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स e2v 
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The less complex timer functions of the PC5566 are performed by the enhanced modular input/output
system (eMIOS). The eMIOS’ 24 hardware channels are capable of single-action, double-action, pulse-
width modulation (PWM), and modulus-counter operations. Motor control capabilities include edge-
aligned and center-aligned PWM.
Off-chip communication is performed by a suite of serial protocols including controller area networks
(FlexCANs), enhanced deserial/serial peripheral interfaces (DSPIs), and enhanced serial
communications interfaces (eSCIs). The DSPIs support pin reduction through hardware serialization and
deserialization of timer channels and general-purpose input/output (GPIOs) signals.
The MCU has an on-chip enhanced queued dual analog-to-digital converter (eQADC).s 40-channels.
The system integration unit (SIU) performs several chip-wide configuration functions. Pad configuration
and general-purpose input and output (GPIO) are controlled from the SIU. External interrupts and reset
control are also determined by the SIU. The internal multiplexer submodule provides multiplexing of
eQADC trigger sources, daisy chaining the DSPIs, and external interrupt signal multiplexing.
The Fast Ethernet (FEC) module is a RISC-based controller that supports both 10 and 100 Mbps
Ethernet/IEEE® 802.3 networks and is compatible with three different standard MAC (media access
controller) PHY (physical) interfaces to connect to an external Ethernet bus. The FEC supports the 10 or
100 Mbps MII (media independent interface), and the 10 Mbps-only with a seven-wire interface, which
uses a subset of the MII signals. The upper 16-bits of the 32-bit external bus interface (EBI) are used to
connect to an external Ethernet device. The FEC contains built-in transmit and receive message FIFOs
and DMA support.
2. Electrical Characteristics
This section contains detailed information on power considerations, DC/AC electrical characteristics,
and AC timing specifications for the MCU.
e2v semiconductors SAS 2014

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