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डेटा पत्रक - SMART ARM-based Flash MCU - Atmel

भाग संख्या SAM4S16B
समारोह SMART ARM-based Flash MCU
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Atmel 
लोगो Atmel लोगो 
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SAM4S16B pdf
̶ ARM Cortex-M4 with 2 Kbytes of cache running at up to 120 MHz
̶ Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
̶ DSP Instruction Set
̶ Thumb®-2 instruction set
Pin-to-pin compatible with SAM3N, SAM3S, SAM4N and SAM7S legacy products (64-pin version)
̶ Up to 2048 Kbytes embedded Flash with optional dual-bank and cache memory, ECC, Security Bit and Lock
̶ Up to 160 Kbytes embedded SRAM
̶ 16 Kbytes ROM with embedded boot loader routines (UART, USB) and IAP routines
̶ 8-bit Static Memory Controller (SMC): SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND Flash support
̶ Embedded voltage regulator for single supply operation
̶ Power-on-Reset (POR), Brown-out Detector (BOD) and Watchdog for safe operation
̶ Quartz or ceramic resonator oscillators: 3 to 20 MHz main power with failure detection and optional low-power
32.768 kHz for RTC or device clock
̶ RTC with Gregorian and Persian calendar mode, waveform generation in low-power modes
̶ RTC counter calibration circuitry compensates for 32.768 kHz crystal frequency inaccuracy
̶ High-precision 8/12 MHz factory-trimmed internal RC oscillator with 4 MHz default frequency for device startup,
in-application trimming access for frequency adjustment
̶ Slow clock internal RC oscillator as permanent low-power mode device clock
̶ Two PLLs up to 240 MHz for device clock and for USB
̶ Temperature sensor
̶ Low-power tamper detection on two inputs, anti-tampering by immediate clear of general-purpose backup
registers (GPBR)
̶ Up to 22 Peripheral DMA (PDC) channels
Low-power Modes
̶ Sleep, Wait and Backup modes; consumption down to 1 µA in Backup mode
̶ USB 2.0 Device: 12 Mbps, 2668 byte FIFO, up to 8 bidirectional Endpoints, on-chip transceiver
̶ Up to two USARTs with ISO7816, IrDA®, RS-485, SPI, Manchester and Modem Mode
̶ Two 2-wire UARTs
̶ Up to two 2-Wire Interface modules (I2C-compatible), one SPI, one Serial Synchronous Controller (I2S), one
high-speed Multimedia Card Interface (SDIO/SD Card/MMC)
̶ Two 3-channel 16-bit Timer Counters with capture, waveform, compare and PWM mode, Quadrature decoder
logic and 2-bit Gray up/down counter for stepper motor
̶ 4-channel 16-bit PWM with complementary output, fault input, 12-bit dead time generator counter for motor
̶ 32-bit Real-time Timer and RTC with calendar, alarm and 32 kHz trimming features
̶ 256-bit General Purpose Backup Registers (GPBR)
̶ Up to 16-channel, 1Msps ADC with differential input mode and programmable gain stage and auto calibration
̶ One 2-channel 12-bit 1Msps DAC
̶ One Analog Comparator with flexible input selection, selectable input hysteresis
̶ 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check Calculation Unit (CRCCU) for data integrity check of off-/on-chip memories
̶ Register Write Protection

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