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डेटा पत्रक - 4 Channel A/V Decoder - Intersil

भाग संख्या TW2851
समारोह 4 Channel A/V Decoder
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Intersil 
लोगो Intersil लोगो 
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TW2851 pdf
IF compensation filter for improvement of color
Color Transient Improvement (CTI)
Automatic white peak control
Triple high performance scalers scale video input
independently for each of display, recording and
SPOT path
Four built-in motion detectors with 16 X 12 cells,
four blind and night detectors
Digital Input Ports
Supports up to 4 BT. 656 ports, 2 BT. 601, 1 port
RGB, or 1 port BT. 1120. The BT 1120 supports a
54 MHz channel with 4 D1 put together.
Auto cropping / strobe for playback input using 2
built-in Analog / Digital Channel ID decoder for
selecting 4 out of maximum of 16 channels from
multi-channel input stream
4 built-in down scalers for displaying arbitrary size
windows on the display output
Analog/Digital VGA Display
Native Resolution of VGA, D1, SVGA, XGA, up to
WXGA+ (1440x900), capable of displaying 4 D1
screens side by side without downscaling.
Up-Scaler for ZOOM function and playback of full
screen D1 image
3 Built-in DACs for analog VGA RGB output
Digital RGB interface in 24-bit TTL output
DDC channel interface to read the external
monitor configuration
Built-in 2D De-interlacer for progressive output
Sharpness control with horizontal/vertical peaking
Black/White Stretch
Programmable hue, brightness, saturation,
Independent RGB gain and offset controls
Programmable Gamma correction for each of
Built-in 2-layer 9-window bitmap OSG with 16-bit
per pixel color
Hardware OSG bitmap up-scaler to allow same
content displayed on both VGA/LCD and CVBS
Additional OSG layers such as window border box,
2D motion box, Privacy Mask overlay, and Mouse
Cursor support
Programmable hue, saturation, contrast,
brightness and sharpness
Proprietary fast video locking system for non-real-
time application
Noise Reduction to remove impulse noise
TFT LCD Panel Support
Supports panel with similar resolution as the VGA
Supports single or dual channel LVDS panel
Supports Panel power sequencing.
Supports DPMS for monitor power management
Display CVBS Output
Display Output through one of the two built-in
CVBS video encoder
Built-in 2-layer 9-windows bitmap OSG with 16-bit
per pixel color
Additional OSG layers such as window border box,
2D motion box, mouse cursor, and Privacy Mask
Display Multiplexer
Displays 8 windows for 4 video decoder inputs
plus 4 digital input channels or 8 video decoder
channels to support pseudo 8-channel
Either Live or Strobe capture mode for pseudo 8-
channel support
Horizontal / Vertical mirroring for each window
Last field / frame image captured when video-loss
Simultaneous output to both VGA/LCD and CVBS
output with the same video content
Record Multiplexer
2 ports of BT. 656, 1 port BT. 601, or 1 port of
BT.1120-like digital Interface support up to 4 D1
real-time recording output to external CODEC
Supports Frame/Field Interleaved mode with 8
picture types or byte interleaved stream for multi-
channel video output
Either Live or Strobe capture mode for pseudo 8-
channel support
Supports dynamic field / frame picture-type and
channel allocation through a switching queue up
to 2048 entries
Horizontal / Vertical mirroring for each window
2 Built-in channel ID encoder carrying channel and
motion / blind / night detection information of
each field/frame in multi-channel stream

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