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भाग संख्या ZSSC3170
समारोह Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioner
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Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioner with LIN and PWM Interface
Brief Description
The ZSSC3170 is a CMOS integrated circuit for
highly accurate amplification and sensor specific
correction of bridge sensor signals. Featuring a
maximum analog gain of 420, as well as extended
offset compensation capabilities, the ZSSC3170 is
adjustable to nearly all resistive bridge sensor types.
Digital compensation of offset, sensitivity, tem-
perature drift, and nonlinearity is accomplished via a
16-bit RISC microcontroller. Conditioning coefficients
are stored in an EEPROM certified for automotive
Measured values are provided by one of the digital
LIN or PWM interfaces. Each interface can support
end-of-line calibration using the sensor output. Noise
sensitivity is greatly reduced because the calibration
equipment and the ZSSC3170 are mated digitally.
For quick and easy evaluation and support for
calibrating prototypes, ZMDI offers the ZSSC3170
SSC Evaluation Kit, which includes evaluation hard-
ware, SSOP20 samples, and software.
Complies with LIN specifications 1.3 / 2.0 / 2.1
Configurable LIN publisher frame content
Data conversion rate of up to 430Hz fully utilizes
the maximum LIN channel capacity of 20kbit/s
PWM high-side and low-side switches, support
for LIN communication for end-of-line calibration
Digital compensation of offset, gain, temperature
effects up to 2nd order, and nonlinearity up to 3rd
order. Compensation of temperature sensor
offset, gain, and nonlinearity up to 2nd order.
Internal or external temperature reference
Media temperature sensing by diode or RTD
Load dump protection of the LIN pin up to ±40V
Operating temperature range: -40 to 125°C
Extended operating temperature range: 150°C
Accuracy ±0.25% FSO @ -20 to 85°C
±0.50% FSO @ -40 to 125°C
±1.00% FSO @ -40 to 150°C
3 EEPROM words available for optional user data
Measurand and temperature signal available via
one output pin
Compatible with nearly all resistive bridge inputs
No external trimming components required
Single-pass calibration minimizes calibration
End-of-line calibration using sensor output
Optimized for automotive environments with
special protection circuitry, excellent electro-
magnetic compatibility, and numerous diagnostic
Available Support
Evaluation Kit
Application Notes
Calculation Tools
Physical Characteristics
Supply voltage: 7 to 18V
Current consumption in Sleep Mode: 100μA
Input span: 1.8 to 267 mV/V
ADC resolution: 13 to 14 bit
Output resolution: up to 12-bit (LIN and PWM)
Package: SSOP20 or die
ZSSC3170 Basic Circuit
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