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भाग संख्या ZSSC3026
समारोह High Resolution 16-Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden 
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ZSSC3026 pdf
Low Power 16 Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner IC
Brief Description
The ZSSC3026 is a sensor signal conditioner
(SSC) integrated circuit for high-accuracy ampli-
fication and analog-to-digital conversion of a differ-
ential input signal. Designed for high resolution
altimeter module applications, the ZSSC3026 can
perform offset, span, and 1st and 2nd order
temperature compensation of the measured signal.
Developed for correction of resistive bridge
sensors, it can also provide a corrected
temperature output measured with an internal
The measured and corrected bridge values are
provided at the digital output pins, which can be
configured as I2C* (≤ 3.4MHz) or SPI (≤ 20MHz).
Digital compensation of signal offset, sensitivity,
temperature, and non-linearity is accomplished via
an 18-bit internal digital signal processor (DSP)
running a correction algorithm. Calibration coeffici-
ents are stored on-chip in a highly reliable, non-
volatile, multiple-time programmable (MTP) mem-
ory. Programming the ZSSC3026 is simple via the
serial interface. The IC-internal charge pump
provides the MTP programming voltage. The
interface is used for the PC-controlled calibration
procedure, which programs the set of calibration
coefficients in memory. The digital mating is fast
and precise, eliminating the overhead normally
associated with trimming external components and
multi-pass calibration routines.
Flexible, programmable analog front-end
design; up to 16-bit scalable, charge-balancing
two-segment analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Fully programmable gain amplifier accepting
sensors from 14 to 72 (linear factor)
Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor
Digital compensation of individual sensor offset;
1st and 2nd order digital compensation of sensor
Digital compensation of 1st and 2nd order tem-
perature gain and offset drift
Intelligent power management unit
Layout customized for die-die bonding with
sensor for high-density chip-on-board assembly
Typical sensor elements can achieve accuracy
of less than ±0.10% FSO @ -40 to 110°C
* I2C is a registered trademark of NXP.
Integrated 18-bit calibration math DSP
Fully corrected signal at digital output
Minimize calibration costs through the one-pass
calibration concept
No external trimming components required
Highly integrated CMOS design
Excellent for low-voltage and low-power battery
Physical Characteristics
Supply voltage range: 1.8 to 3.6V
Current consumption: 1mA (operating mode)
Sleep State current: 50nA (typical)
Temperature resolution: <0.003K/LSB
Operation temperatures: –40°C to +85°C
–40°C to +110°C
Small die size: 1.5mm²
Delivery options: die for wafer bonding,
bumped die for Flip Chip, PQFN24
Typical Applications
The ZSSC3026 is designed for operation in
calibrated resistive (pressure) sensor modules:
Barometric altitude measurement for portable
Altitude measurement for emergency call
Altitude measurement for car navigation
Inside hard disk pressure measurement
Weather forecast
Fan control
ZSSC3026 Application Example.
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