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भाग संख्या ZSSC3008
समारोह Sensor Signal Conditioner
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ZSSC3008 pdf
Sensor Signal Conditioner with Diagnostics
Brief Description
The ZSSC3008 is a sensor signal conditioner IC that
is adjustable to nearly all piezo-resistive bridge sen-
sors. Measured and corrected bridge values are pro-
vided at the SIG™ pin, which can be configured as
an analog voltage output or as a one-wire serial dig-
ital output.
The digital one-wire interface (OWI) can be used for
a simple PC-controlled calibration procedure to pro-
gram a set of calibration coefficients into an on-chip
EEPROM. The calibrated ZSSC3008 and a specific
sensor are mated digitally: fast, precise, and without
the cost overhead associated with trimming by exter-
nal devices or laser. Integrated diagnostics functions
make the ZSSC3008 particularly well-suited for auto-
motive applications.*
Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity,
and non-linearity
Programmable analog gain and digital gain;
accommodates bridges with spans < 1mV/V
and high offset
Many diagnostic features on chip (e.g., EEPROM
signature, bridge connection checks, bridge short
detection, power loss detection)
Independently programmable high and low
clipping levels
24-bit customer ID field for module traceability
Output options: rail-to-rail ratiometric analog
voltage (12-bit resolution), absolute analog
voltage, digital one-wire interface
Fast power-up to data out response; output
available 5ms after power-up
Current consumption depends on programmed
sample rate: 1mA down to 250A (typical)
Fast response time: 1ms (typical)
High voltage protection up to 30V with
external JFET
PC-controlled configuration and calibration via
one-wire interface – simple, low cost
High accuracy (±0.1% FSO @ -25 to 85°C;
±0.25% FSO @ -40 to 125°C)
Single-pass calibration – quick and precise
Available Support
Development Kit available
Multi-Unit Calibrator Kit available
Support for industrial mass calibration available
Quick circuit customization possible for large
production volumes
Physical Characteristics
Wide operation temperature: –40°C to +125°C
Supply voltage 2.7 to 5.5V; with external JFET,
5.5 to 30V
Small SOP8 package
ZSSC3008 Application Circuit
+2.7 to +5.5 V
0.1 F
* Not AEC-Q100-qualified.
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