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डेटा पत्रक - Very Low Power USB 2.0 Hub Controller - Cypress Semiconductor

भाग संख्या CY7C65632
समारोह Very Low Power USB 2.0 Hub Controller
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Cypress Semiconductor 
लोगो Cypress Semiconductor लोगो 
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CY7C65632 pdf
CY7C65632, CY7C65634
More Information
Cypress provides a wealth of data at to help you to select the right HX2VL device for your design, and to help you
to quickly and effectively integrate the device into your design. For a comprehensive list of resources, see the knowledge base article
Overview: USB Portfolio, USB Roadmap
USB 2.0 Hub Controller Selectors: HX2LP, HX2VL
Application notes: Cypress offers a large number of USB appli-
cation notes covering a broad range of topics, from basic to
advanced level. Recommended application notes for getting
started with HX2VL are:
AN72332 - Guidelines on System Design using Cypress's
USB 2.0 Hub (HX2VL)
AN69235 - Migrating from HX2/HX2LP to HX2VL
Reference Designs:
CY4608 HX2VL Very Low-Power USB 2.0 Compliant 4-Port
Hub Development Kit
CY4607 HX2VL Very Low-Power USB 2.0 Compliant 4-Port
Hub Development Kit
Models: HX2VL (CY7C65632/34/42) - IBIS
HX2VL Development Kit
HX2VL Development Kit board is a tool to demonstrate the features of HX2VL devices (CY7C65632, CY7C65634). In the initial phase
of the design, this board helps developers to understand the chip features and limitations before proceeding with a complete design.
The Development kit includes support documents related to board hardware, PC application software, and EEPROM configuration
data (.iic) files.
Document Number: 001-67568 Rev. *J
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