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Solid-State Relays
encapsulation. This double testing of every part before it
leaves the factory means you can rely on Opto 22 solid state
relays. All Opto 22 SSRs are guaranteed for life.
Accessories for the Power-Series SSRs include a safety cover, a
heatsink, and a matching thermal conductive pad. See page 3.
Power Series SSRs
Opto 22 provides a full range of
Power Series relays with a wide
variety of voltage (120–575 volts)
and current options (3–45 amps).
All Power Series relays feature 4,000
volts of optical isolation and have a
high PRV rating. Some Power Series
relays include built-in LEDs to
indicate operation.
See page 4.
DC Series
The DC Series delivers isolated DC control to large OEM
customers worldwide. All DC control SSRs are LS TTL
AC Series
The AC Series offers the ultimate in solid state reliability. All AC
Power Series relays feature a built-in snubber as well as zero-
voltage turn-on and zero-current turn-off. Transient-proof
models offer self protection for noisy electrical environments.
Z Series SSRs
The Z Series employs a unique heat
transfer system that makes it
possible for Opto 22 to deliver a
low-cost, 10-amp, solid state relay
in an all-plastic case. The push-on,
tool-free quick-connect terminals
make the Z Series ideal for high-
volume OEM applications.
Operating temperature: –40 °C to
100 °C. See page 7.
Printed Circuit Series SSRs
Opto 22’s Printed Circuit Series
allows OEMs to easily deploy solid
state relays on printed circuit
boards. Two unique packages are
available, both of which will switch
loads up to four amps. Operating
temperature: –40 °C to 100 °C. See
page 9.
MP Series
The MP Series packaging is designed with a minimum
footprint to allow maximum relay density on the printed
circuit board.
P Series
The P Series power relays provide low-profile [0.5 in.
(12.7 mm)] center mounting on printed circuit boards.
HS Series SSRs
The HS Series features an integrated
heatsink, which makes them so cool.
These relays have less thermal
resistance inside, so heat dissipates
more easily than in a standard SSR
mounted to the same heatsink. With
the heatsink built-in, you don't have
to select one from a catalog, and
installation is much easier. Includes a
DIN-rail adapter. See page 13.
(all Power Series models)
4,000 V optical isolation, input to output
Zero voltage turn-on
Zero-current turn-off
Turn-on time: 0.5 cycle maximum
Turn-off time: 0.5 cycle maximum
Operating temperature: –40 °C to 100 °C
Operating frequency: 25 to 65 Hz
(operates at 400 Hz with six times off-state leakage)
Coupling capacitance, input to output: 8 pF maximum
Hermetically sealed
DV/DT Off-state: 200 volts per microsecond
DV/DT commutating: snubbed for rated current at
0.5 power factor
UL recognized
CSA certified
CE component
Torque specs for screws (this spec is both the
recommended torque and the maximum torque you
should use):
Control terminals, 10 in-lb (1.13 N-m)
Field terminals, 18 in-lb (2.03 N-m)
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