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भाग संख्या DL7942
समारोह single chip keyboard encoder
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स QiXin 
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键盘 IC
Power-on-reset and self-test
The power-on-reset (POR) occurs first when power is applied to the keyboard. The duration of POR is 150ms~2s.
After POR, the self-test BAT (Basic Assurance Test) happens, it takes 300ms~500ms.
The following activities take place in BAT:
1) Turns on LED indicators at the beginning.
2) Test.
3) Turns off LED indicators at the end
4) Send the result to the system.
A completion code AA is send to the system if BAT is successful. an error code is if BAT fails. BAT takes
300ms-500ms the completion codes are send 450ms-2.5s after POR, and 300ms~500ms after RESET command is
Keyboard buffer
An FIFO is used to buffer the received scan code.
1) The buffer is 16-byte
2) Respond codes, i.e FA and repeated codes isn‘t be buffered.
Additional keystroke is discarded.
Command description
Command from the system
Send ACK to system
Checks clock and data limes-Reset in the high state for at least 500ms or receives another command.
Default to scan code set 2.
Sends the previous code again. If the previous code is RESEND, the last code before RESEND will be send .
Set Key Type-FB, FC, FD (hex)
Keyboard responds with ACK
Clears output buffer
Receivers key ID byte
Receivers ACK
Sets key ID type (affect only scan code set 3 operation).
FB: Typematic
FC: Make/Break
FD: Make
Returns to previous scanning rate.
Set All Keys-F7, F8, F9, FA(hex)
Sends ACK to the system
Clears output buffer.
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